Sociology Minor Requirements

1 - 100 level Sociology course (3 credits)

1 - 300 level Sociology courses (3 credits)

1 - 400 level Sociology course (3 credits)

4 - Sociology courses at any level (12 credits)

Total credits: 21

Counseling Minor Requirements

1 - 100 level Sociology course (3 credits)

PSYC General Psychology (3 credits)

PSYC/SOCI Mental Health in Historical and Social Contexts (3 credits)

SOCI Definitions of Normality (3 credits)

PSYC Abnormal Psychology (3 credits)

SOCI Counseling Theory and Dynamics Or PSYC Forms of Therapy (3 credits)

SOCI Internship in Sociology Or PSYC Professional Seminar in Human Services + PSYC Internship in Psychology  (3 credits)

In addition to any one of the following electives:

PSYC Educational Psychology

PSYC Family Therapy

PSYC Psychology of Women

PSYC Personality

PSYC Psychology of Aging

SOCI Group Counseling

SOCI Essential Issues in Mental Health Treatment

SOCI Crisis Intervention

SOCI Counseling Methods

SOCI Race and Ethnicity

GERO Counseling the Older Adult

Total credits: 21 (required) + 3 (elective)