Degree Requirements

Required Core Courses (12 credits)

SOCI 20500 Sociological Inquiries (3 credits)*

SOCI 31100 Sociological Theory (3 credits)  

SOCI 35500 Quantitative Methods (3 credits)  

  • For the ICC, this counts as a Quantitative Literacy (QL) course

SOCI 35600 Qualitative Methods (3 credits)  

  • For the ICC, this counts as a Writing Intensive (WI) course

In addition to:

1 - 100-Level Course in Sociology (3 Credits)

2 - 200-Level Courses in Sociology (6 credits)

3 - 300-Level Courses in Sociology (9 credits)

3 - 400-Level Courses in Sociology (9 credits)**

1 - Course at Any Level (3 Credits)

Total credits in sociology: 42 credits

*Although not required for students declaring the major before fall 2018, majors are strongly encouraged to take SOCI 20500, Sociological Inquiries. Students who declared the Sociology major before fall 2018 can substitute any additional 200-level course for this requirement.

**At least 3 credits of level 4 must be a departmental course numbered SOCI-40100 to SOCI-46900 (excluding SOCI-46300); no more than 3 credits may come from coursework related to being a teaching assistant in SOCI-48000, SOCI-48100, or SOCI-48200; and no more than 3 internship credits from SOCI-48900 to SOCI-49900 may be applied toward the level 4 requirement.