The course information listed in this section contains detailed information about many of the courses offered in the Department of Sociology.

This supplemental information is specific to each semester and provides more information about particular classes than can be found in the HomerConnect schedule or in the Undergraduate Catalog. Additional information about individual courses may be obtained from the instructor of a particular course.

Notes for Current Students and Advisors

We encourage current students to work with their advisers while using this supplemental course listing as a resource to schedule classes.

Be sure to check the appropriate Catalog to review your major requirements. Your catalog year depends on the year in which you declared your major. For example, if you matriculated in fall 2018 but declared your major in spring 2019, you would follow the 2018-19 Catalog requirements, not the 2019–2020 Catalog requirements.

The Office of Academic Advising is an additional resource for students and advisers.