We have an interest in providing experience that permits students to examine social forms of life and, at the same time, explore their values and beliefs.  One of our interests is to help students begin to participate in the public domain.  We will do this by assisting students in identifying coursework, internships, research, and other intentional experiments that can provide the fundamental theoretical and research tools for roles in intervention.

* Spring Course and Room Schedule -- < click here to download >
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* Note:  All courses are 4 credits except where noted. 

SubjectCourse NoSecTitleCreditsInstructor
SOCI1010001Introduction to Sociology4Sweet, Stephen
SOCI2130001Sociology of Sexualities4 
SOCI2230001Rich and Poor4Cabrera, Sergio
SOCI2230002Rich and Poor4Cabrera, Sergio
SOCI2500001Gender, Environment & Change4Swords, Alicia
SOCI2940001Slow Read:  bell hooks1 
SOCI3210001Punishment4Dunning-Lozano, Jessica
SOCI3290001Health & the Family4Brenton, Joslyn
SOCI3420001Data Analysis4Sweet, Stephen
SOCI3630001Mass Incarceration4Dunning-Lozano, Jessica
SOCI4100001Feminism, Food, & Health4Brenton, Joslyn
SOCI4240001Global Sociology4Swords, Alicia
SOCI4840001Quant Capstone4Cabrera, Sergio

Thank you for your interest in sociology.

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