2020 Sociology Summer Scholars Announced

April 20, 2020

In the Summer Scholars program, "scholars have transformative experiences in a variety of research, scholarship, and creative inquiry projects. Some students design their own independent projects [and] others participate in ongoing faculty-led research projects in the field or in the lab. Competitive applicants are students who are passionate about their studies and are ready for an experiential opportunity in their field."

The Sociology Department will be working with the following Scholars this summer: Akshan Shah '21 and Grayson Stevens '21.

Akshan Shah '21

Person with beard and glasses

Akshan is a junior double major in Politics and Sociology.

This summer, Akshan will explore how students of color navigate social scenes at college. They hope to deepen my knowledge of student experiences in higher education through a qualitative project. Shah will be conducting in-depth interviews with my peers to better understand their stories and experiences. 

Shah is being mentored by a Sociology professor, Dr. Joslyn Brenton on his project this summer.

Grayson Stevens '21

Person with black hair and circle glasses

Grayson Stevens is a junior Applied Psychology major with minors in Counseling and Women’s and Gender Studies.

This summer, Stevens will explore transphobia in the United States on both individual and systemic levels by reviewing existing literature on the topic and analyzing the content of various media sources. Of particular interest will be investigating the roots and underlying beliefs that may lead to violence against trans populations, as well as what factors may mediate this kind of prejudice. Stevens hopes that this research will allow for a deeper understanding of cissexism as a form of oppression and therefore increase our ability to alleviate its effects on marginalized communities.

Stevens is being mentored by a Sociology professor on his project this summer.