Earn your Masters in Music at Ithaca College

Since its founding as a music conservatory more than a century ago, Ithaca College has trained and educated some of the country's finest musicians and music educators. Our 500 graduate and undergraduate music students from around the country benefit from an intense relationship with committed, nationally recognized professors. Personal attention is fostered by a low student-faculty ratio—an Ithaca hallmark.

Mission Statement

The Graduate Program of the Ithaca College School of Music, Theatre, and Dance aspires to develop artist-teachers who apply their talent, experience and leadership skills to enhance our community of musicians.

Active Students, Premier Facilities

In the best tradition of graduate music education, you will gain expertise through private instruction, focused mentoring, and a wide range of coursework. 

Your experiences will also be enhanced by the College's superb performance and teaching facilities. Completed in 1999, the James J. Whalen Center for Music added 69,000 square feet to the existing 72,000 square feet in Ford Hall, the music school's home since 1965. Major spaces in the Whalen Center include:

  • Recital halls
  • Faculty teaching studios
  • Ensemble library
  • Piano and instrument repair facilities
  • Computer labs
  • State-of-the-art recording studios

The four-story atrium connecting the new construction to the original building is breathtaking. And the overall effect is one of beauty, functionality, and inspiration. 

"The School of Music, Theatre, and Dance is a vibrant community of artists and scholars, working in superb facilities located in a region of great natural beauty. Graduate students have a wonderful opportunity to expand their knowledge and abilities within this community, working closely with faculty, with our outstanding undergraduates, and with each other."

Les Black, Chair of Graduate Studies in Music

Graduate Music Summer Program Video