Sources of Assistance

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management (P-Safe):  607-274-3333

Poison Control Hotline:  800-222-1222

Ithaca College Office of Envrionmental Health and Safety:

Hammond Health Center:  607-274-3177

Material Safety Data Sheets:  800-451-8346

Over 4.5 million MSDS resources at your fingertips; if you're uncertain of proper handling, storage, usage, or disposal, this is where to look.  When calling the hotline above, you need to provide the product's name and/or number and the manufacturer's name to the representative on the phone; that person will then talk you through the MSDS.

Department of Theatre Arts Faculty and Staff

The full listing of faculty and staff can be located at  For your convenience, faculty and staff members directly supervising technical production are listed below:

Lighting and Sound Supervisor

Mike Garrett, 607-274-3947,

Scene Shop Supervisor

Joey Bromfield, 607-274-3043,

Costume Shop Supervisor

Lilly Westbrook, 607-274-1698,

Scenic Art Mentor

Ruth Barber, 607-274-3976,

Stage Management Mentor

Amanda Spooner, 607-274-1634,