Lockers and cabinets are guaranteed for all music majors. Music majors in need of additional storage, music minors, and non-majors are able to request


  • All lockers and cabinets must be cleaned out by the day after Commencement at the end of each academic year.

  • The Instrument Repair Shop staff reserves the right to remove items left in lockers past the aforementioned time. The School of Music will not be responsible for any items left in lockers after this date.

  • Summer lockers are available for students enrolled in class or are working for the School of Music.


Lockers and cabinets are available to music majors upon request.  Please fill out this form and you will be assigned a locker.  If your primary instrument does not fit in the locker assigned to you then you can stop by the repair window and request a larger locker.

If you are interested in receiving a locker to store extra instruments as a major, are a music minor, or are a non-music major, you may stop by the repair window to request a locker or additional locker. After one week of classes, we can begin to complete requests on a first come, first served basis.

Recital posters may be posted on student lockers and general bulletin boards. They should not be posted on glass, doors, or painted surfaces, and should be removed once the event is past. While the school celebrates the creativity shown on recital posters, students should bear in mind that visitors of all ages pass through the Whalen Center. Posters in prohibited locations or with inappropriate content are subject to removal.


  • Lockers are meant to be used. Do not leave instruments unattended in the halls or rehearsal spaces.
  • Lock cabinets and lockers at all times. IC is lucky enough to have a very safe campus, but anything can happen.
  • A helpful hint for remembering your lock combination: Make it a contact in your phone so you can always have it available.
  • Students are reminded that these lockers are the property of the College and should not be defaced in any way.