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What We Consider

Statement About Non-Violent Protests and Admission to IC

Ithaca College strives to set the standard as an active and inclusive residential learning community, and encourages our students, faculty, staff and alumni to share the responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community. We encourage free expression and constructive dialogue that promotes diversity, equity and inclusion, and applaud students who seek to make the world a better place. Admission offers will not be affected by disciplinary action resulting from non-violent protest that cultivates these same principles and values.

Joining the Ithaca College Community

At Ithaca College, we believe that the strongest campus community is created by individuals who bring with them different perspectives, backgrounds, and academic interests. An Ithaca College education requires that every student be actively engaged in their academic experiences.

What matters in my application?

We review each application holistically – taking into account all that you choose to submit. We are most focused on the rigor of your curriculum and the level of success you’ve demonstrated in your academic work. For programs in music or theatre arts that require an audition, talent is a very important factor.

If standardized test scores are provided, we include those in our review as well. We take into consideration your recommendations and extracurricular activities, and your essay is a key opportunity not only to demonstrate your writing skills, but to help the Admission Committee learn more about who you are.

Students who are most successful at Ithaca College have taken steps to engage with our community long before they set foot on campus for orientation. We value evidence that a student has made contact with us, knowing they will make a more informed choice about why IC is the right fit.

Engage with IC!

You owe it to yourself to thoroughly research the colleges you are considering, and there’s no better day than today to start your path with Ithaca College!   

Connect with an admission counselor, or, once you've applied, join the conversation in our online community, ICPeers. Better yet: plan a visit to meet with us in person. Experience firsthand how Ithaca College will help you get ready for your future. Not only will we know you’re really interested in coming to IC, we’ll have an opportunity to know you better.