Application Deadlines

Deadlines for First Year Admission

Application Type Application Deadline Latest Notification Date Enrollment Confirmation Deadline
Early Decision November 1 December 15 February 1
Early Action December 1 February 1 May 1

Regular Decision
(Music and Theatre)

December 1 April 15 May 1
Regular Decision Still accepting applications April 15 May 1

Note: Early Decision applicants for the School of Music must audition on the first available audition date. Applicants to Acting (BFA) or Musical Theatre (BFA) may only apply Regular Decision. Early Decision applicants for the other majors in the Department of Theatre Arts must interview on the first available interview date.   

Early Decision

If IC is your first choice college, we encourage you to consider applying under the early decision program. 

Early decision is a binding admission process. If you are offered admission, you agree to submit an enrollment confirmation and nonrefundable advance deposit by February 1 and to withdraw applications submitted to other colleges or universities.

Early Action

Ithaca College offers a non-binding, early action round of admission. Applying early action gives you the chance to submit your application and to receive an admission decision earlier in our admission process. 

Due to the timing of the audition and interview process, applicants to the School of Music or Department of Theatre Arts cannot apply early action. 

Regular Decision

Ithaca College's regular admission deadlines for fall admission are 

  • December 1 for applicants to the School of Music or Department of Theatre Arts (including transfer students)
  • As of February 2, we are still accepting applications for all other academic programs 
  • March 1 for transfer admission (not including Music and Theatre Arts)

Spring admission for First Year Students

We recommend that prospective first year students apply for fall admission. In limited circumstances, IC offers a spring enrollment option. Contact the Office of Admission to see if this could be the right option for you.  Spring applicants must submit the Common Application by November 1, and have all supporting materials in place by November 15. Decision notification and enrollment confirmation deadlines will vary on a case by case basis.