Services for Fall 2020

**CAPS is continuing to serve all enrolled students at this time via Telehealth** 

During the current COVID emergency, many states waived mental health regulations and licensing rules to allow counselors to provide counseling to students in other states. Ordinarily, this is not allowed as most counselors are only permitted to practice in the state in which they obtained their clinical license.  Many states have now rescinded their emergency permissions so, unfortunately, that may mean that we cannot provide ongoing counseling to some students outside of New York. That does not mean that you cannot contact us!  We can still talk with you about our services, offer consultations, and help you find a provider in your home state. All of our services must be conducted in compliance with state licensing requirements.  Counselors will work with students to make sure services can be provided within existing state regulations. For New York state residents, we can offer individual counseling through our encrypted Zoom account right now!

If you are interested in starting or continuing services via telehealth*, please call during business hours for more information. There will be limited staff in the office to answer questions by phone, so please make sure to leave a voicemail if you do not reach a live person. You can also reach us by email at counseling@ithaca.edu.

Please be aware that the CAPS After-hours On-call service will be available when we are closed (5 PM-8:30 AM Monday-Friday and 24 hours a day Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, and during closures).

*-What is Telehealth? Telehealth is like meeting with your therapist, but done through a private virtual connection via Zoom meeting.

New Check-in Process for CAPS

For the Fall 2020 semester, there is a new remote check-in process for students accessing the CAPS services listed below.

Initial Consultations

Please sign into the myICHealth Portal 15 minutes prior to your appointment to access the necessary consents and paperwork that you will need to complete before your appointment begins.  After you schedule your initial consultation, you will receive more detailed instructions explaining how to access the paperwork (either via email or a secure message through the myICHealth Portal). 

Individual Therapy Sessions

Please sign in to the myICHealth Portal a few minutes prior to your appointment to check in and complete any surveys you may have.  Once you are checked in, you will be able to access the Zoom link for your appointment.  Please note, some therapists may send a separate Zoom link for your session.  If this is the case, please use the Zoom link your therapist provided.

Group Orientation Sessions

Please sign in to the myICHealth Portal a few minutes prior to your appointment to check in and access the Zoom link for your appointment.