Expressing your emotions can be hard. It can be easier if you make music! Cove is trusted by doctors and therapists as a safe and secure way to look after your mental health.


• First SCROLL pick a mood that helps you frame your mood

• Then TAP to add chords, melody or even percussion

• You can SWIPE to change instruments - there’s over 30 to choose from

• Explore and be creative - there is no right or wrong way to make music!


We believe Cove has a role to play in improving emotional and mental health by encouraging self-expression. We believe Cove is especially good if you experience anxiety or depression.

Cove can be used any time, but may be most useful when you find it difficult to express yourself through other means, such as talking or writing. You can use Cove whenever you feel like it. You can make music by yourself, or share what you make with others.

Available for free on iOS.