CAPS offers two types of groups. Semester-Long Groups are an opportunity for students to explore thoughts and emotions in the presence of peers as a way to deepen in their understanding of self and others. Skill-Based Groups and Support Groups offer an opportunity for students to learn ways to manage thoughts, feelings, and discomforts that may arise. 

Joining a Group 

  • If you are already seeing a counselor at CAPS, you can discuss with them your interest in joining a group.
  • Call 607-274-3136 or email the specific group counselor (see group listings) to inquire about joining a group. You may be required to attend a brief 30 minute group orientation to learn what to expect and to see if the group is the right one for you.
  • At the time of your group appointment or orientation, please sign in to the myICHealth Portal a few minutes prior to check in. For in-person groups, sessions are located in CAPS (lower level of Hammond Health Center). For virtual groups, you can access the Zoom link for your appointment in your myICHealth Portal.
Semester-Long Groups
The power of a weekly process group is through meaningful connection, encouragement, and feedback.
Group Listing
Skill-Based Groups & Support Groups
These groups are open to all IC students. Please see the listing for times and types of groups available.
Group Listing