I began working at CAPS in the fall of 2013 as the predoctoral intern.  I fell in love with the students and the community, and never wanted to leave!  In fact, I'm more than excited to be joining the clinical team as a staff psychologist, pending my Ph.D. completion fall of 2014 in Clinical Psychology from Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. After years of working with inner city adolescents and adults and devoting much of my training to research and assessment, I've shifted gears towards therapy – my first love.  I use several techniques centered on meditation practice, with a focus in cognitive behavioral combined with mindful and radical acceptance therapy.   This basically means finding beauty and joy and peace right here in this moment and not off in some distant future after finals are finished or the perfect relationship found or the Knicks start winning (very, very distant future). I love walking in the woods, hitting the swimming hole on hot days, working in my garden, and debating which Game of Thrones character is the most bloodthirsty of all. If you've read the books -- no spoilers please!​