Academic year 2022-2023 Updates


As recently announced, Ithaca College and the Cayuga Health System (CHS) have established a partnership that will bring the expertise and resources of our major regional healthcare provider to directly support the services available to our students. Beginning August 15, 2022, Ithaca College’s Student Health Services will officially become part of the CHS network.

How will this change affect mental health services for students at Ithaca College?

This change will enhance the medical treatment options available to students through the Student Health Services (see below for a description of the new services at the Cayuga Health at Ithaca College center --formerly the Hammond Health Center). Adjustments to Student Health Services will improve student access to healthcare for common mental health needs.

What is happening to services provided through CAPS?

The changes to how healthcare is offered to IC students will not affect offerings available through our separate Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).

CAPS will continue to offer a variety of non-medical, consultation and therapeutic treatments to students for their mental health needs. CAPS services may be accessed separately from, or in addition to, treatments available through Student Health Services.

For example, psychiatric consults and medication management will now be centered in the new Cayuga Health at Ithaca College center.

This new partnership and integrated behavioral health model will not serve as a substitute for or replace the services that CAPS offers to students. 
CAPS will continue to offer a spectrum of mental health services, provided by our licensed mental health clinicians, which students can access directly by contacting our office at 607-274-3136. This includes:
• Individual and group counseling (short and longer-term)
• Coping skills workshops
• Consultation/ coordination with Student Accessibility Services and other campus partners
• Same-day/walk-in crisis intervention
• After-hours services via our Protocall service

We will also continue to prioritize building relationships with students throughout their time at IC and will work with them directly to develop a schedule of services that best meets their needs. Learn more about our Stepped Care treatment model.

Please note that there is no additional fee to utilize our services, and we do not bill insurance. We look forward to providing psychological support to help you achieve you IC goals!


Introducing the New Cayuga Health at Ithaca College Services
Student Health Services at Ithaca College provide healthcare treatment offerings to maintain and restore student wellbeing. While attending Ithaca College, students may seek out medical treatment with a Student Health Primary Care Provider (PCP) for a wide variety of physical, emotional, and / or mental problems affecting their overall health.

The new “Cayuga Health at Ithaca College” initiative will expand comprehensive primary healthcare available to university students through Student Health Services. As a part of these improved services, behavioral health professionals will now be included in the primary care team. A student’s general medical provider may recommend them to a behaviorist for defined needs that are an extension of primary care treatment. Primary Care Behaviorists offer students brief, targeted interventions proven to help treat many kinds of health conditions and that may include common mental health disorders.

Cayuga Health at Ithaca College will offer common prescription medication treatments for students, to include mental health medication care. With these changes to healthcare services, most university students will find it convenient to receive their mental and general healthcare treatment needs all through the improved Student Health Primary Care. Most students will no longer need to establish with a separate psychiatric prescriber for common mental health medication treatments while attending Ithaca College. However, for students with complex mental health treatment needs, or who may desire treatment with a mental health or other behavioral health specialist, Student Health Services can help direct students towards CAPS or community resources that may best meet their needs. 

New mental healthcare supports available through Student Health Services will include:
- Expanded screening for depression, anxiety, and substance use to help identify problems early and improve tracking of mental health symptoms over time
- Behaviorists available in office and virtually as a part of the general medical team to address a variety of physical, emotional, and mental health needs when recommended by a primary care provider (PCP). Students should schedule an appointment with their Student Health PCP to discuss specific treatment options
- Primary Care Behaviorists can help connect students with campus resources, such as CAPS, as well as specialized community care when they present to Student Health Services

For more information, please contact Student Health Services at 607-274-3177