ID Express

ID Express is a debit account that is accessed with your Ithaca College ID card. An ID Express account gives you a convenient, easy, and safe way to make purchases on campus. And it's better than a credit card because with prepaid deposits you don't have finance charges or bills at the end of the month. You cannot withdraw cash from your ID Express account.

How does it work?

Simply present your ID card when you make a purchase. Your balance will be noted on your receipt from the bookstore, Sub Connection, and Mac's and will be displayed on the cashier's screen at all other locations where ID Express is accepted. To use a vending machine, just swipe your card through the reader on the machine, and then make your selection.

ID Express is Safe.

Only you can use your ID Express account. If your ID Express card is lost or stolen, you can cancel your account immediately by contacting the ID Office (274-3007 during business hours), the Office of Public Safety (274-3333 after hours) or by logging onto Please note that until your ID Express account is closed, your ID card can be used in machines with card readers. Vending-machine purchases with ID Express are limited to $20 a day in case your card is lost or stolen.