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Professor, Chemistry


News in and around the lab

  • December 2021: Alex Rono presented an excellent talk on PBPIrH complexes reactions with N-heterocycles as part of Chem/Biochem390 seminar series.  Great job, Alex!!
  • October 2021: Alex and Ten have submitted an Abstract for the ACS meeting in San Diego in March 2022, talking about CH activation in N-heterocycles reactions  with PBP Iridium hydride complex . Fingers crossed we get to go and present there in person!
  • October 2021: awesome x-ray structure of the Iridium PBP pyrazine adduct dimer has been solved. Thank you to Ten for fishing out the crystals from that NMR tube and our TAMU colleagues for using their X-ray diffractometer to get the data set collected and solved.  
  • September 2021: Alex and Ten are off to a good start with IrPBP pincer complexes research
  • August 2021: Great news - our former research  alumni, Ben Morse,  is starting Vet School program in Cornell U! We can't be happier for him.  
  • May 2021: we have a pretty good referee  reviews on the PNSi  paper, but have to get few things done  before it can be published. hopefully it won't take us (and TAMU collaborators) too long.
  • Fall 2020: Alex and Ten are helping our with preparation of the manuscript for publication, on PNSiRh complexes.  Learning to use Cambridge Data base and mercury software. The paper has been submitted!
  • October 2020: Cesar has presented a very nice talk in the Chemistry department seminar series - describing his summer research  project. We ware going to work on putting up a paper for Chemical Reviews concerning this work.
  • September 2020:  Thank you to Dr. Mike Shatruk teaching us on zoom about magnetic properties of lanthanides.
  • July 2021: We got to attend zoom PhD defense of our former research student  Max Klemes  - getting it done in Northwestern U. It was pretty cool. Congratulations, Max, and good luck in Intel Inc next!!
  • June 2020 :  In spite of COVID limitations,  we are pushing on with a collaborative project with Florida State group of Michael Shatruk and our own Cesar Morocho - working on data base search for Neutral Iron complexes with Spin-Crossover properties. 
  • January 2020 - Welcome to the new members of Larsen lab - Alex Rono and Ten Sherpa, starting with carborane salts synthesis
  • May 2019 - Congratulations to Rain Talosig graduating with Honors in Chemistry Research and continuing on to PhD program in Chemistry in University of California, Irvine 
  • October-November  2018 - Anna is Melbourne, Australia, as a Visiting International Scholar at the Institute for Frontier Materials Research in Deakin University
  • May 2018: Congratulations to Melissa Raymond graduating with  BS in Biochemistry and Honors in Chemistry research! Melissa in going to Pharm D program in Houston U  in Texas.
  • October 2016: Melissa and Rain are collecting X-ray diffraction data and solving their first X-ray structure for the BDMIM C2B9H11 ortho-carborane salt.  Thsi means - more results to present at the National ACS meeting in San Francisco in April 2017, woohoo!!  
  • Fall 2016: Kayla, Josh and Ben are working on a new Si-N-P  pincer complex project - continuing Bens original successful synthesis he developed in TAMU in summer. Each person will examine the complexes reactivity with  specific small molecular nucleophiles in terms of changes  it affects to Si-H-Rh binding mode. 
  • May 2016: chemistry seniors Kayla Plummer and Josh Speer decided to join our lab for the senior year research capstone.  They will be starting in fall 2016. In Summer 2016 they will both be busy with  research summer internships elsewhere: Kayla  - at Utah State University in the lab of Lisa Berrau, and Josh in Penn State  (supported by  NSF REU grant.)
  • April 2016: Anna traveled to give two Fulbright Ambassador talks - in University of Nebraska-Reno and Utah State University (Logan, Utah). Made several new very nice connections while promoting Fulbright cause.  (And arranged Summer internship for Kayla  P. as a result!;) 
  • April 2016: Ben Morse has been awarded competitive NSF REU summer 2016 internship in Texas A&M and will be working in the organometallic group of professor Oleg Ozerov. Congratulations, Ben!
  • March 2016 - Ben and Megan traveled to the National ACS meeting in San Diego and successfully presented their research posters in the CHED division. Congratulations to both. Megans poster also had a video component from the clips their produced together with Ben!!
  • March 2016:  our paper on Ruthenium (NO)Cp* complexes reactivity with alcohols has been accepted for publication in Polyhedron,  major peer reviewed periodical on Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry. The paper will be a part of the Special Issue on Undergraduate Research. Huge thank you to Ben Morse and Megan Wirth for helping with the final manuscript preparation and revisions!! (Also - to the three undergraduate coauthors featured in this publication: Jason Diaz (currently postdoc-ing in U Penn), Kallee Rich (ophtalmology resident in NH) and Semeret Munie (currently completing her Surgery MD residency in Detroit, MI) .  
  • Spring 2016: Melissa Raymond and Rain Talosig are joining are lab and will be working on the low-melting ionic materials. Welcome to the  Ionic Liquids club!   ;-)
  • February 2016 - Anna traveled to Florida State University to present a Fulbright Ambassador Talk as part of  their Chemistry department seminar Series.  Also,  visited with Shane Galley (2nd year in Ph.D. program there!!) and other four (!!) IC students, who are currently doing great work towards their Ph.D. dissertation completion.  
  • July 2015 - Anna participated in NSF workshop on teaching Inorganic Chemistry (VIPEr) in Seattle , WA - which resulted in developing a peer-reviewed learning objects published on VIPEr website.  
  • June 2015 - Ithaca College hosted Northeastern regional ACS meeting (NERM 2015).  Anna  is Science Program Chair for the whole meeting (Almost 700 participants total showed up!!). Ben and Max presented a poster on Rhodium pincer chemistry and won the  Best Undergraduate Poster Award (out of 90+ entries. Awesome job, congratulations!! 
  • Summer 2015: Ben Morse and Megan Wirth are doing summer research internship in our lab.  Ben has crystallized two new dinuclear Rh pincer complexes already!  Although not what we were trying to make, but very interesting results  nevertheless  - and high quality structural data collected on our own X-ray diffractometer!  Megan is working on ruthenium carborane chemistry project and also (together with Ben) on filming a series of educational videos on  general and organometallic lab techniques - using GoPro camera.  
  •  December 2014: Max Klemes has defended Honor research thesis in Chemistry. Congratulations. And another piece of  good news:  Max will be joining Cornell University Ph.D. Chemistry program, starting research in Geoff Coates group in May 2015 .  (Other  grad school offers included Texas A&M and University of Minnesota... not a bad choice!:)
  • August 2014 - Max presented a research  poster on Rh Pincer chemistry at the ACS meeting in San Francisco. Very nice job, lot of useful interactions and networking...
  • Fall 2013-Spring 2014 /Summer 2014: Max Klemes has switched to Rh pincer project and is pushing it forward!  He also recruited Ben Morse ('17) to join our lab and this project.
  • May 2013: Max Klemes interviewed and has been accepted for a summer 2013  intern position at Novomer, Inc.  Good luck and learn new things about polymers,  we will need it in Fall.
  • April 2013: congratulations to Shane Galley and Lars Soderstrom on being accepted to the graduates schools: Florida State U (Ph.D. program  in Chemistry) and Chemical Engineering in U of Rochester, respectively.  
  • April 2013: Lars and Shane did an excellent job on their poster presentations at the ACS meeting in New Orleans.  See the pictures here
  • Spring 2013: that X-ray class sure came in handy - two good data sets collected on the carborane pyridinium and imidazolium samples prepared by Lars and Max.    Almost good for a publication, eh?
  • August2013: We got our very own new single crystal X-ray diffractometer installed here in the department!!  Jubilations!! (Now just have to grow good crystals, right?)
  • Summer 2012: Shane worked very hard on the rhodium pincer complex project all summer and through the year. He is joining honors research track this year.
  • July 2011- our X-ray paper has been submitted for publication in Acta Cryst. Much hard work on the part of our Argentine collaborators!
  • June 2011 - our Review on Nitroxyl Chemistry has been accepted for publication in CCR!! (and I thought I 'll never see that day!!)
  • May 2011- Anna finally completed the synthesis of the hepta-dentate ligand in Imperial College. Took a bit longer than expected, but it is done...
  • February 2011- Anna has joined Professor George Britovsek laboratory at Imperial College (London UK) as visiting scientist
  • January 2011- Anna has started teaching in London Ithaca College Center
  • December 2010- Anna coauthored a manuscript on Nitroxyl chemistry for Coordination Chemistry review journal - joint effort spearheaded by Professor Fabio Doctorovich at UBA.
  • November 2010: The structure for the crystal of alkyl-pyridinium perchlorinated salt (on of Shawns!) has been solved on the X-ray facility of UBA (Argentina).  We are working on the paper for Acta Crystallographica journal on that.  Bushra Amreen - many thanx for quickly organizing the transfer of the sample!
  • Fall 2010: Shawn Eady started his Ph.D. studies in University of Michigan
  • August 2010: Anna started the Fulbright fellowship work at University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina with Professor Fabio Doctorovich
  • April '10: Shawn Eady presented an oral research report at the ACS National meeting in San Francisco in the Symposium "Frontiers of Undergraduate Research in Inorganic Chemistry".  The presentation went very well. 
  • March '10: our paper "Hexakis(acetonitrile-[kappa]N)ruthenium(II) bis(hexabromocarbadodecaborate) acetonitrile solvate" is published in Acta crystallographica!!  The credit goes to Shawn Eady for pushing this publication through all teh technical hurdles and to Dr. Ilia Guzei ,our collaborator in U of Wisconsin, for helping us out at the final stages. Also, congratulations to former IC student  coauthors,  Jason Diaz and Josh Masland.
  • December'09: John Dymon has graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry and is working full time in Novomer , Inc.  in the position of research associate.      (update as of May 2010: John is starting the graduate program in Biomedical Engineering   in the University of Utah  this summer. Good luck!)
  • July '09:    Just got another crystal structure solved for us: bis-alkylated orthcarborane anion salt crystals grown by Shawn Eady. Good one for the paper!
  • June '09:  an upgrade for the solvent purification system has been installed. We have dry dichloromethane "on tap" now (in addition to four other solvents).
  • May '09: John Dymon was offered a full time summer position with Novomer, Inc. (Geoff Coates polymer company across the street from us). Congratulations! ***However, we still have to finish a couple of papers, John!***
  • April '09: Shawn Eady has been awarded a Cornell Section ACS summer scholarship  to support his  research at IC. Very nice!
  • March '09:  Shawn Eady presented a poster  on the low melting ionics with derivatized carborane and ortho-carborane anions at the ACS National Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  John Dymon brought our poster to the National Council for Undergradiuate Research  in LaCross, WI.  Apparently  going to the scientific conferences can be a lot of fun.
  • February '09: Anna got invited to give a talk at ZING Conference on Weakly Coordinating anions. 
  • Jan '09:  Our Can. J. Chem. paper appeared in print.


 Earlier news: 

In August '08,  after returning from the student exchange trip to Japan,  Jason Diaz  presented a poster on our organometallics project  at the 236 National ACS meeting in Philadelphia (very conveniently it was not too far from home for Jason)

July '08:  Anna participated in the International Congress on Coordination Chemistry in July 2008 with a poster presentation. great conference. Way too hot in Jerusalem in July!

Our recently published paper on orthocarborane-based  ionic liquids coauthored by Jesse Kleingardner('07), Ryan Wibby('08) , John Dymon ('10) and Anna Larsen (with collaborators from Queen's University, Vassar College and University of Wisconsin-Madison) made it to the top ten list of the most accessed papers for the month of May 2008 in Dalton Transactions, the leading European journal for inorganic and organometallic chemistry: 

The full citation: Dalton Trans., 2008, 2999 - 3006, DOI: 10.1039/b802374c 

June 23-2008: Differential Scanning Calorimetery  and Thermal Gravimetric Analysis instruments are here and working. Shawn Eady ('10) is busy running our samples on both! 

 july-10-2008:  John Dymon is in Australia apparently having great time in and out of the lab.   He is learning Electrochemistry of Ionic Melts with our collaborator Maria Forsyth research group in Monash University.  We will be sending more samples of the low-melting salts to John shortly. 

April'08:  The revised Pt manuscript was accepted for publication in Canadian Journal of Chemistry.

April '08: John Dymon has received IC Dana summer internship to support his trip to Australia!   Way to go visit kangaroos  and do some electrochemistry in the spare time.

Anna gave an invited lecture at the SUNY-Albany chemistry Department on April 15th. Very useful feedback was an extra-bonus of the trip.

We just heard that Ithaca college will fund the purchase of our own Differential Scanning Calorimeter and Thermogravimetric Analyzer (~40K).  No more trips (and no more paying!) to Cornell U for that.

Congratulations to Cole Lechlieter ('10) who was awarded special ACS PRF summer scholarship for research on our organometallics project.   

In spite of serious case of  senioritus,  Phil Byers ('08)  is still planning to graduate this spring!! (and off to grad school in Florida State....)

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