Anna Larsen

Professor, Chemistry


Selected Publications

Student co-authors names are in bold.

  1. "Reactivity of electrophilic Cp*Ru(NO) complex towards alcohols" Diaz, J., Rich, K., Munie, S., Zoch, C.R., Hubbard, J.L., Larsen, A.S. Polyhedron, 114, 435-442 (2016) [publication 5]
  2. "1-Butyl-2,3-dimethylimidazolium dicarba-7,8-nido-undecaborates" Klemes, M.J., Soderstrom, L., Hunting, J.L. and Larsen, A. Acta Crystallographica, E71, o183 (2015) [publication 4]
  3. "Nitroxyl (azanone) trapping by metalloporphyrins" Doctorovich, F., Bikiel,D., Pellegrino, J., Suárez, S.A., Larsen, A., Martí, M.A. Coordination Chemistry Reviews 255, 23–24, 2764–2784 (2011) [publication 3]
  4. "N-Butylpyridinium undecachlorocarbadodecaborate and comparison with similar compounds" Suarez,S. A., Foi, A., Eady, S., Larsen A., Doctorovich , F. Acta Cryst. C67, o417-o420 (2011) [publication 2]
  5. "NHexakis(acetonitrile-κN)ruthenium(II)bis(hexabromocarbadodecaborate) acetonitrile solvate" Musland, J., Diaz, J., Eady, S., Lobkovsky, E., Larsen, A. Acta Cryst. E66, m325-m326 (2010) [publication 1].
  6. "Designing ionic liquids with boron cluster anions: alkyl pyridinium and imidazolium [nido C2B9H11] and [closo-CB11H12] carborane salts" Dymon,J., Wibby,R., Kleingardner,J., Tanski, J.M., Guzei, I.A., Holbrey, J.D., Larsen,A.S.  Dalton Trans. 2999 - 3006 (2008)    
  7. "Structure of the Di-mu-nitrosyl-bis [(eta-5-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)ruthenium(0)](Ru—Ru) complex",  Pearsall,M., Gembicky,M., Dominiak,P., Larsen, A.,  Coppens, P., Acta Crystallographica Section E, 2007, E63, m2596  
  8. " (Glycol-[kappa]^[2]O,O')nitrosyl([eta]^[5]-pentamethylcyclopentadienyl) ruthenium(II) bis(trifluoromethanesulfonate) " Munie,S., Larsen, A. and Gembicky, M.  Acta Cryst. (2008). E64, m293  
  9. "A Weakly Coordinating Anion as a Tripodal ‘Br3’-Ligand for Platinum(IV): Structure of [(closo-CB11H6Br6)PtMe3]"  De Crisci , A.G.,  Kleingardner, J., Lough, A.J., Larsen, A. and  Fekl, U.  Can. J. Chem. 87(1): 1–8 (2009)  

10."Hydrogen Atom Transfer from Iron(II)-tris[2,2'-bi(tetrahydropyrimidine)] to TEMPO: A Negative Enthalpy of  Activation"  Mader, E.A.; Larsen, A.S.;  Mayer, J.M. J. Am.Chem. Soc, 2004; 126 (26); 8066-8067  

11."Non-Organometallic Mechanisms for C-H Bond Oxidation"   Mayer, J., Larsen, A., Bryant, J., Wang,  K.,Lockwood, M., Rice, G., Won, T.-J. in ACS Symposium Series "Activation and Functionalization of C-H Bonds” 2003, edited by Karen Goldberg  

12."Electron and Hydrogen Atom Self-Exchange Reactions of Iron and Cobalt Coordination Complexes" Yoder, J.C.; Roth, J.P.; Gussenhoven, E.M.; Larsen, A.S.; Mayer, J.M.  J. Am.Chem. Soc.  2003, 125, 2629-2640  

  1. Book  “Student Study Guide” (co-authored with Michael Goldfeld): supplement for the textbook “Chemistry: The Molecular Science” (Moore, Stanitski and Jurs),  2005, Thomson Learning, ISBN 0-534-49072-7   

14."Hydrocarbon Oxidation by Bis-μ-Oxo Manganese Dimers: ElectronTransfer, Hydride Transfer, And Hydrogen Atom Transfer Mehcanisms"  Larsen, A.S.;  Wang, K.; Lockwood, M. A.; Rice, G.L.; Won, T.J.; Lovell, S.; Sadilek, M.; Tureček, F.; Mayer J.M. J. Am.Chem. Soc.  2002, 124; 10112-10123

  1. "Molecular Structure of the Solvated Proton in Isolated Salts.  Brønsted Acid Reagents, H(Solvent)2+, with Weakly Coordinating Anions"  Stasko, D. ;Hoffmann, S.;  Kim, K.-C.; Fackler, N.L.P.;  Larsen, A.S.;  Drovetskaya, T.;  Tham, F.S.;  Reed, C.A.; Rickard, C.E.F.;  Boyd, P.D.W.; Tsang, C.W.; Mak, T. C. W. ,   Xie, Z. J. Am. Chem. Soc.  2002, 124; 13869-13876
  2. "Designing Ionic Liquids: Imidazolium Melts with Inert Carborane Anions"  Larsen, A.S.; Holbrey, J. D.; Tham, F. S.; Reed, C. A.  J. Am.Chem. Soc. 2000, 122(30), 7264-7272.