Anna Larsen

Professor, Chemistry


Our students: past and present

Our research group has a role for students of all levels, from freshman to seniors. Many of our students have co-authored publications and have given presentations at regional or national conferences (see the list of publications and presentations  from the link on the left)

Our current student research team (as of Sept 2016): Ben Morse (2017), Rain Talosig(2019), Melissa Raymond (2018), Kayla Plummer (2017), Josh Speer (2017))

Here is a partial list of the students who have been involved in the research in our lab at various stages, with graduation year and current place of employment (or study)

  1. Eric Leibensperger, 2005, (Ph.D.  in Atmospheric Chemistry/Physics   in Harvard, as of 2012 - Assistant Professor ast SUNY Platsburgh), 
  2. Jesse Kleingardner, 2006,  (Ph.D.  in Chemistry , University of Rochester , as of 2015- Assistant Professor at Messiah College), 
  3. Matt Pearsall, 2006  (employed in Vertex, Inc.- pharmaceuticals, in Cambridge MA), 
  4. Joseph Livingston, 2006, ( M.D./Ph.D. U of Syracuse Medical School), 
  5. Katrina Brown, 2008, Lab Assistant, Nebraska, Lincoln
  6. Semeret Munie, 2008 (Medical School, U of Vermont) - 2013 Residency in Detroit
  7. Matt Sprague, 2005 (Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry  at CalTech, as of 2015 Assistant Porfessor of Chemistry in St. Norbert College), 
  8. Ryan Wibby, 2007(assistant brewer in Amish Country, PA , as of 2014 co-founder and co-owner of Wibby  Brewery in Denver, CO)
  9. Nathan Kozlowsky, 2006 (Also MBA at IC, 2007),
  10. Meredith Cummins, 2005 (E2E - clean technology company, Ithaca NY) 
  11. KelLee Rich, 2008 (Ophtalmology School in Indiana)
  12. Jason Diaz, 2009 (Virology Ph.D. at U Penn) 
  13. Josh Masland, 2006 
  14. Phil Byers, 2008 (Chemistry Ph.D.  at Florida State, As of 2015 Assistant rpofessor at Farmingdale State College)
  15. Jason Diaz, 2009 (Ph.D. program in virology, U Penn)
  16. Shawn Eady, 2010 , Ph.D. in chemistry, U Mich,
  17. John Dymon, 2010, Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program, University of Utah
  18. Shane Galley, 2013, Ph.D. in Chemistry, Florida State U
  19. Lars Soderstrom, 2013, Chemical Engineering, University of Rochester, as of 2014 -Reserach Associate at Albany Molecular
  20. Max Klemes 2014, Ph.D. program in Chemistry, Cornell U
  21. Megan Wirth 2016 , Research Associate at Boston Children Hospital