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Nandadevi Cortes Rodriguez

Assistant Professor, Biology
Phone: 607-274-1086
Office: 158 Center for Natural Sciences
Speciality: Evolutionary Biology and Phylogeography

Main Research Topic:

Population genetics and evolution of neotropical birds, especially those with populations on islands. Trying to conserve what is left!

• Birds are important to me because:

They are not only pretty but very important for the ecosystem, some plants won’t germinate without passing through their gut. Plus, is a good way of interacting with people that are not biologists, many of them have bird feeders just to see the pretty birds.

My research focuses on the field of molecular ecology

I am particularly interested in the role that past or present geographic barriers play in the evolutionary history of species, emphasizing their phylogeography, genomics and conservation.

  • Lab: Population genetics and evolution of Ravens (Corvus corax) and Orioles (members of the genus Icterus) using mitochondrial DNA and microsatellites

  • Lab and Field: Geographic variation in songs of neotropical birds - Opportunity to record birds in the field

  • Field: Bird feeder study of the bird populations of the Nature Lands (Ithaca College)

  • Genomics: Analysis of populations of birds from Channel Islands using Single Nucleotide Polymorphism

 If you interested in conducting research in my lab, see details linked below:

My Mentors

  • Dr. Blanca Hernandez-Baños - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Undergrad and masters)
  • Dr. Adolfo Navarro-Sigüenza - Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (Undergrad and masters)
  • Dr. Kevin Omland - University of Maryland, Baltimore County (PhD)
  • Dr. Renetta Tull - University of Maryland, Baltimore County (Postdoctoral)
  • Dr. Robert Fleischer - Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, National Zoological Park (Postdoctoral)
  • Dr. Susan Witherup - Ithaca College (Postdoctoral)

Office Hours: Spring 2021

  • Tuesday 6:00-7:30 pm
  • Thursday 12:30-2:00 pm
  • other times by appointment
    (e-mail me)


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