Hands-On Research Across Biological Disciplines

Undergraduate participation in original research is a central tenet of our philosophy as a department.

All faculty research labs are a direct collaboration between faculty members and our undergraduate students, giving our students the opportunity to engage in real scientific inquiry in a broad range of disciplines.  We provide four different levels of research courses to engage students during the academic year, as well as support summer scholars.  

Professional Results

Research efforts by majors in the department often result in publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Over the past five years, 40 undergraduates in the program coauthored scientific papers.  Ithaca College Biology and Biochemistry students annually participate in national and regional undergraduate conferences, particularly the National Conference on Undergraduate Research and the Eastern Colleges Science Conference, both of which have been hosted by Ithaca College in recent years.  Many students also join their mentors to present findings at professional scientific meetings, such as the Society for Neuroscience, the American Society of Plant Biologists, the Animal Behavior Society, and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  

Biology Research Opportunities for Spring 2023

Research in Biology as an academic course is offered at three levels:

            BIOL 21000 – an initial research experience (normally 1-2 credits)

            BIOL 30200 – required 3 credit research course for the major

            BIOL 40000 – continuation of research following 302 (1-3 credits)

To request a spot in a lab, each semester there will be a time to do so.

Read the project descriptions carefully.  Look at the faculty's full web pages for greater details.

If you are interested in any of these, please attend the session on October 11, 12:10, CNS 1st floor foyer.  You will meet faculty and current research students.

To register for research:

You will need to fill out the electronic form shortly after the meeting: (October 24).

  • Interested in BIOL 2100?  Fill out the form to indicate which research labs you’re interested in and the faculty members will contact you. 
  • Need to take BIOL 30200?  Use the form to indicate which labs you’re considering, and the faculty member will contact you
  • Want to continue in BIOL 40000?  Talk to your professor and fill out the form

Research assignments will be announced shortly after the meeting, date TBA. All students who complete the form will receive an email with information on their research assignment.  If we are not able to assign you to one of your 3 choices for a lab, you will receive notification as well as information on options.