Faculty Adviser:  Te-Wen Lo

Student Board: Lizzie Anderson, Meghan Ricciardi, and Lydia Loiselle

The Chi Xi chapter of Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) was installed at Ithaca College in 1992 and has more than 200,000 past and present members. Founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University, TriBeta has evolved to become a nationally recognized professional honor society whose purposes are to promote scholarship in the biological sciences, growth in biological knowledge and to encourage research.

  • Rituals and complete details are available on the BBB's web page.

Regular membership:  3.0 cumulative GPA and at least 3 semesters of Biology, with a least a B average in Biology classes.  Fee is $50 for a lifetime membership.

Associate membership: open to anyone. Fee is $40  If you are currently an Associate, but have now met the requirements for Regular membership, an additional $10 will get you promoted to a Regular membership


In the spring you you will be able to  apply for membership for Tri-Beta (biological honor society).

        End of April (TBA), Honors Ceremony, 5:30 pm.

  • The ceremony will follow the Senior thesis talks.  Please keep watch and put it on your calendar to attend!

You must be present at the ceremony in order to be inducted.


Benefits for all Active Members:

  • Excellent honor to list on your resume/CV and applications.
  • Receive a subscription to BIOS (a journal where members can publish their undergraduate work) *
  • Receive a cord to wear at graduation**
  • Can apply for research scholarships
  • Can apply for awards based on research
  • Be part of a national organization with students also interested in biology
  • Attend a member installation banquet
  • And, of course, you can become a Tri-Beta officer!

* Regular members will receive a two-year subscription to BIOS from the date of initiation into the Society. Associate members a one year subscription, from the date of initiation into the Society.
** Applies only to active, regular graduating Seniors.


Important Dates in 2020 -- specific dates TBA:

  • March (1st 3 weeks): Tri-Beta Open application
  • March (end of month) - Dues payments are to be in to Nancy Pierce/Te-Wen Lo  
  • April (mid-April) -- Apply to be a BBB officer
  • April (end of month) -- Honors ceremony
  • The ceremony will follow the Senior thesis talks.  Please put it on your calendar to attend!

The Biology Club is actively involved.  Become involved with them!

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