We believe today's environmental problems require interdisciplinary thinking and integrated solutions.  Our department trains students to see these problems from multiple perspectives: scientific, humanistic, political, ethical, cultural, historical, and geographic.  Students have opportunities to do original, hands-on, mentored projects in the context of science, social values, writing, and economic and political realities.

ENVS faculty also involve students in their research focused on local freshwater quality, soil contamination, archaeology, forest management, aquaponics, sustainability in the global south, local environmental history, policy, and communication about current environmental issues. 

This video was filmed and produced by Peter Fulton, who participated in the Belize Immersion course in January 2016:

Belize Immersion 2016 from Peter Fulton on Vimeo.



Alluvian, the environmental journal affiliated with the Environmental Studies and Sciences Department at Ithaca College. Alluvian is currently accepting rolling submissions -- art, environmental non-fiction, poetry, and environmental science writing from passionate students. Created by Ithaca College students Peter Zibinski and Sydney O’Shaughnessy under the direction of Assistant Professor Fae Dremock, Alluvian attempts to blend art with science to enhance the understanding of environmental issues within contemporary society.  

For more information contact info@alluvian. space and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Ithaca College Campus Gardens

Ithaca College Campus Gardens, located on the lower portion of the IC campus and off of Farm Pond Road, are student-run gardens. We experiment with many aspects of sustainable gardening and farming including permaculture design, crop rotation, companion planting, four-season food production, and heirloom seed saving. We all help to organize classroom tours, assist with student research, and host harvest dinners and other special events for volunteers and community members. The IC Organic Garden is also currently working with Ithaca College’s permaculture garden and rooftop garden on Terrace 2.  

Organic growing on campus is a wonderful way to interact with peers of varying interests and to connect with the land and food that sustain us.

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