New Employee Onboarding for Supervisors

You play an important role in guiding new employees through long and rewarding careers at Ithaca College.  This guide will help you prepare for, welcome, and engage your new employee through the dynamic process of onboarding. Onboarding enables you to bring new employees up to speed on the expectations and the day-to-day responsibilities of their new position as well as the policies, processes, and culture of your office or department at Ithaca College.

We encourage all supervisors to familiarize themselves with the Onboarding Tasks that each new employee will need to complete. These tasks are described on our New Employees website


​​☐   ​Email employee first day agenda. Things to include: what time to report and where, visitor parking lot, and confirm HR new employee orientation time and location and who will meet the employee after the session 

​​☐​   Announce new hire to department 

​​☐​   Arrange for introductions with staff in the department  

​​☐​   Confirm new employee attendance at orientation with HR (every Monday 9am to 11am in PRW 052) 

​​☐​   Request computer equipment and software needed (at least 1 week prior to start date) – Service Request Link  

​​☐​   Request telephone number and voicemail set up – Service Request Link  

​​☐   ​Set up office space with office supplies 

​​☐​   Create training plan for employee  

​​☐​   Arrange for a “buddy” or mentor to work with the employee – review schedule, expectations and resources with the buddy 

​​☐​   Create a resource list with names and contact information for the new employee  


​​☐​   Greet the employee 

​​☐​   Escort the employee to and from Orientation 

​​☐   ​Introduce the employee to their “buddy” and all departmental staff 

​​☐   ​Show the employee their new work space 

​​☐​   Campus tour 

​​☐​   Housekeeping Tour – office, restrooms, breakrooms, printer/copiers, etc.  

​​☐   ​Take employee to ID Office to get ID badge 

​​☐​   Upon confirmation from IT that laptop is ready, take employee to IT Office to receive and set up laptop, if employee is issued computer equipment (approximately 1 hour) 

​​☐​    Ensure proper access to college systems and technology (telephone, computer systems, Duo, email, voicemail, Teams etc.) 

​​☐​   Request access to buildings (if applicable)  – Service Request Link 

​​☐​   Complete HR onboarding Journey (approximately 2 hours):  

  • enrolling in direct deposit, review employee handbook, complete harassment prevention training, benefits enrollment if applicable and parking permit 

​​☐​    Review Procedures: 

  • Timecard submission (if applicable) 

  • Paid time off request process and eligibility (sick leave, vacation time, personal time, and holiday/wellness days)  

  • Department procedures and etiquette  

​​☐​    Review Expectations: 

  • Job description 

  • Work schedule 

  • Performance expectations  

  • Evaluation process  

​​☐​   Schedule regular check ins to meet with the employee to review their training plan and if they are meeting the expectations of the job 


​​☐   ​Check in with the employee  

​​☐​   Did the employee complete their benefits enrollment or have any questions (refer to HR)  

​​☐​   Introductions to campus partners