We're Transforming!

The workplace as we know it – at Ithaca College and across the nation – has experienced drastic changes over the last few years. Find out how ICHR is future-proofing HR service, strategy, and rewards on our path to becoming an employer of choice.

We started with a question

What defines an "employer of choice" in the year 2026?

HR Service 2026 Plan Documents

file-outline HR Service 2026 - Slide Deck - hr-service-2026-slide-deck.pdf (1.76 MB)

Visual summary of HR Service 2026 - IC HR's three year transformation plan.

file-outline HR Effectiveness Survey - Report - hr-effectiveness-survey-report-final-form_2.pdf (685.34 KB)

Analysis and opportunities identified from the HR Effectiveness Survey, collected in February 2023.

file-outline HR Effectiveness Survey - Slide Deck - hr-effectiveness-survey-slide-deck.pdf (693.92 KB)

Visual summary of the HR Effectiveness Survey report.

Our Mission & Vision

Find out how we are transforming our "why".

Our Mission
Our Team

Find out how our team is evolving to support the future of ICHR.

Our team
HR Effectiveness Survey

We asked our community for feedback on their experience with ICHR. Find out what we learned.

See the Results
Watch the 11/06 All Staff Meeting

November 6th's All Staff Meeting focused on HR Service 2026, IC HR's three year plan for transformation. Topics covered included:

  • Report from the HR Effectiveness Survey and Staff and Faculty Feedback Sessions with HR
  • HR organizational shift to a Consultant model.
  • HR Help Desk
  • HR Imagination Incubator
  • IC's employee value proposition: HR's opportunities for support in talent acquisition, investing in employee potential and development, and total rewards (benefits & compensation)