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"On Call in Hell"

Richard Jadick '87 on the cover of 
March 20, 2006 issue

Newsweek magazine devoted a lengthy cover story to the hellish experiences of Richard Jadick ’87, a Navy doctor with the rank of lieutenant commander who volunteered, at age 38, to be a combat surgeon with the Marines in Iraq.

In summer 2004, five days after the birth of his first child, Richard left his wife, a pediatrician, and new daughter for Fallujah. The cover story is a vivid account of medical hero’s terrifying ordeal as he fought to save the lives of Marines desperately injured in the worst of the fighting in the city during the fall 2004 siege. Credited with saving the lives of at least 30 men, Richard was awarded the Bronze Star.

Read the Newsweek article.

Photo by Ethan Hill; image © 2006 Newsweek, Inc. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Oscars of Invention

Chemists LeRoy Whinnery ’85 and Chris Binns ’03 work at Sandia National Labs. Last fall they won an R&D 100 Award from the Chicago Tribune. These prestigious awards have been dubbed the “Oscars of invention” and are among the highest honors for creators of innovative products.

LeRoy explains the winning entry: “It’s a composite tooling material called Tepic™, a high-temperature, high-strength, polymeric structural support foam formulated for Sandia’s defense program applications. It is, as well, an excellent material for machined or molded-to-shape prototype tooling in composites manufacturing.” Further, LeRoy says, Tepic is superior to conventional metallic and polymeric tooling materials in regards to cost (5 to 10 times more affordable than bulk aluminum), weight (at least 4 times lighter than aluminum), manufacturability, and high-temperature stability (greater than 400°F as opposed to less than 250°F for other lightweight, polymer-based materials). “In other applications,” LeRoy says, “Tepic has been demonstrated to be a rugged material that is amenable for use as an insulating material in harsh environments.”

LeRoy explains how he and his fellow alumnus and inventor collaborate: “I hired Chris directly after his graduation from IC. We work on a variety of projects mostly related to polymeric materials and foams. We cover the complete spectrum—research to development to application. Occasionally, we get to invent new materials that have unique properties. At that point we try to think about other uses for the new material out in the real world.”

College Friends Now Colleagues

Vikki Stone Corliss '86 with Peter Evans '83

Vikki Stone Corliss ’86 wrote us with a great IC-connections story: “In July 1982 I was an incoming freshman attending a two-day orientation. One of the orientation leaders was a very funny and fun guy named Peter Evans ’83. During my freshman year, Peter took me under his wing, feeding me an occasional ‘real meal’ cooked in his Garden Apartment, directing me to the best parties, etc. When he graduated he returned to his hometown in Connecticut, which neighbored my hometown. Peter and I would meet for a drink when I was home on school breaks.

“After I graduated, I moved to Boston, married John Corliss ’84, and continued to visit my parents in Connecticut, visiting with Peter and his wife, Gabrielle, at those times as well. For many years we got together once or twice a year—not as much as we would have liked but enough to know what was happening in each other’s lives.

“A few years ago, Peter and his cousin Jim Grace launched a company called InsureMyTrip.com, an online travel insurance site. Under their guidance and through their vision, the company has grown exponentially.

“Coincidentally, I was laid off from a longtime position with a Massachusetts-based advertising agency and was enjoying my first summer off in years, when I received a phone call from Peter. I assumed he was calling to arrange a get-together, but instead he offered me the opportunity to ‘join the fun’ at InsureMyTrip.com.’ He always did know where the best times were to be found!

“Today, Peter and I work together on marketing and promoting this unique firm. Though we’ve been longtime friends, I wasn’t sure at first how compatible our working styles would be. I’ve found that IC is always present in both of us, not just in the memories of good times and good friends, but also in the shared work ethics we developed on campus, the curiosity to always learn more, the creativity to imagine and produce, and the motivation to achieve.

“You can take the student out of Ithaca College, but you can never take IC out of the student!”

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