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What do you get when you take Rick Shaw ’77 (producer of The Nanny), add eight Park School students, lock them in a room for a weekend, and provide a runner for pizza? A very funny sitcom—we hope!

Rick Shaw '77

The students were chosen from 100 entrants, based on essays demonstrating their “funny IQ.” On a sleepless weekend in November they created unforgettable characters and put them in bizarre situations that people can identify with (maybe). By Sunday evening they had a sitcom outline.

Shaw plans a double header. He filmed the process and plans to pitch it as a reality show. “With any luck,” he jokes, “we will sell the show and start looking for beachfront properties in Malibu.”

Next semester the eight students will take the outline, develop the characters, and create the laughs, turning it into a full-fledged sitcom pilot, ready for the Hollywood pitch.

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