Academic Continuity During Disruption

Academic Continuity refers to the continuation of academic services at Ithaca College through remote instruction protocols in the event of all or parts of the institution are closed and/or unavailable. In a real emergency knowing what to do and how best to do it will contribute greatly to our community resiliency and academic recovery.

Illness, natural disasters, severe weather, or other emergency situations can affect your ability to continue teaching, learning, communicating, or doing research in the manner that was originally planned when you started your semester. The purpose of this website is to give you information that will help you plan and temporarily maintain course continuity in the event that you or many students cannot come to campus, or the campus is closed for an extended period of time.  

Guiding principles for teaching during an emergency: 

  • Quality and Equity.  We want learning to be equitably accessible to our students, and we intend for the teaching and learning experiences we facilitate to be meaningful, even during a disruption. It's up to us to create environments in which our students can successfully demonstrate that they have met our course objectives.  
  • Community.  If we are experiencing a genuine disruption, we will benefit from an enhanced sense of community, particularly if we're in a remote, and perhaps isolating, instructional environment. This community extends to our students and to our colleagues, with whom we'll be experiencing a unique learning journey.  
  • Simplicity and Transparency.  We will use the tools that are most available to all, will make our expectations as clear as possible, and will allow ourselves the space to risk trying new tools and pedagogies we might not ordinarily consider. 

Please make use of the content sections below to support your teaching.  We will continue to update the Keep Teaching website in the coming days and weeks and will add additional resources as we learn more about the supports our community of faculty finds most helpful. 

(We would like to acknowledge the borrowed name "Keep Teaching" from Indiana University.) 

Important Updates

Ithaca College leadership are closely monitoring the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Ithaca College community. Visit the Coronavirus Updates page for information that you might find helpful.