Two Chinese Dissident Poets


Contributed by Susanne Morgan

Bei Dao, photo c. Ann Arbor
Bei Dao
Readings by Chinese Dissident Poets
Bei Dao and Yi Ping
Tuesday, April 29, 12:20-1:00 p.m., Clark Lounge, Campus Center

Bei Dao, the best known living Chinese poet, was forced into exile after his poems were used as rallying cries by protestors at Tiananmen Square. He has continued to be an international voice for free artistic expression and human rights.

Yi Ping, with his poet/translator wife Lin Zhou, was forced from his university teaching position and persecuted for organizing poetry readings that fostered pro-democratic activism and for writings that refused to cover up the Tiananmen Square massacre and continued repression. Yi Ping came to Ithaca under sponsorship of the Ithaca, City of Asylum project. With Lin, he has given numerous readings in the area and has carried on a translation project with students of Professor Jerry Mirskin of the writing program.

In this colloquium, Bei Dao, Yi Ping, and Lin Zhou may read excerpts from their work, but primarily will tell their stories, reflecting on the current situation in China as well. Students as well as faculty are warmly welcome: please bring or encourage students from relevant classes to come!

(Yi Ping and Bei Dao will be reading poems together at 7:30 on April 29 at the Women's Community Building.)

This presentation was organized by Paul Hamill. It is part of the Faculty Development Colloquium Series sponsored by the Faculty Development Committee and the Office of the Provost and coordinated by Susanne Morgan.

Please bring lunch if you wish; cookies and beverages are provided. Even if you need to arrive late or leave early, you are welcome.

Contributed by Susanne Morgan
Photo Ann Arbor