IC Finance Cloud – What to Look Forward to Beginning in FY 2020-2021


Contributed by Luke Sweet

Submitted on behalf of Beth Reynolds, Controller


Starting July 1, 2020, we are moving from Parnassus to IC Finance Cloud. But why are we doing this and what’s in it for you?

Our current technology – Parnassus (E-Business Suite) is based on software written 30 years ago. This comes with obvious limitations and inefficiencies. Moving to the cloud will allow us to utilize a single, unified platform that facilitates synergy with IC HR Cloud while also providing capabilities that far exceed our current technologies.

In short, we can expect:


For more information on our decision to move to IC Finance Cloud, please see the following article by Bill Guerrero and Hayley Harris:

Change from Parnassus to IC Finance Cloud


For more detailed information regarding changes to travel, credit cards, out-of-pocket expenses, procurement, and our GL account structure, please follow the links below.

Understanding Changes to the Chart of Accounts

Procurement (Replacing IC Marketplace)

Expenses (Travel, Credit Card, Out-of-Pocket Spending)


Questions may be submitted to the Office of Business and Finance using the following form:

Question Submissions – IC Finance Cloud