Dr. Zoe Shan Lin invited to join a 5-year seminar funded by The International Balzan Prize Foundation


Contributed by Pearl Ponce

Dr. Zoe Shan Lin (History) has joined the “The Balzan Seminar on the Formation, Maintenance, and Failure of States in the Muslim World before 1800” as one of two faculty specializing in the non-Muslim world. 

Hosted by Professor Michael Cook (Department of Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University) and funded by The International Balzan Prize Foundation (https://www.balzan.org/en), this seminar brings together an internationally recruited group of early-career scholars: ten specialize on pre-1800 Islamic states while two (including Dr. Lin) bring perspectives from the non-Muslim world on this topic.  Over five years this seminar will meet regularly, in both seminar and conference formats, and, ultimately, will produce a peer-reviewed, edited volume to be published with a leading university press.  The seminarians will receive an annual research fund of $2,000 throughout the five years of the project to support their scholarship.