Congratulating Sergeant Ron Hart and Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock


Contributed by Elyse Nepa

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management is excited and proud to announce the retirements of two long time members of Public Safety -- Sergeant Ron Hart and Master Patrol Officer Bruce Holmstock. Their final day of service will be June 30th.  

Ron joined Public Safety over 34 years ago as a Patrol Officer and Bruce started his career as a Patrol Officer nearly 26 years ago.  Both have spent countless days, nights, holidays, and weekends serving, supporting, and educating the IC community.  In addition, they have been instrumental in providing guidance to many new officers and members of the department throughout their careers.  A unique part of this announcement is that they worked together on the same shift for over 20 years, which is something that is normally unheard of. 

We are incredibly proud to celebrate alongside Ron and Bruce during this momentous time in their lives and invite you to join us in wishing each of them a very relaxing and adventure filled retirement.