Alison Shields

Associate Professor, Marketing

Alison Shields

Alison Shields

An assistant professor of marketing and law, Shields can discuss the effects of nostalgia on consumer decision making, the effects of branding on consumer behavior, and the influence of social media on consumer/brand relationships.

Shields’s current research is on how a consumer’s nostalgia for particular brands affects their response when consuming it as an adult and how much easier it is for consumers to have a relationship with a brand in the social media environment.

She is also researching how high school students shop for colleges and how college social media accounts can influence one’s desire to attend.

“Consumers do establish a relationship with brand. People do have brands that are, ‘this is my brand’ or ‘this is who I am as an individual.’ When a consumer feels they have that kind of relationship with a company or brand and that brand violates it, they are done.”

Alison Shields

Research Focus

  • Branding strategies
  • Effects of nostalgia on consumer decision making
  • Consumer/brand relationships
  • Social media influence on consumer/brand relationships
  • College and university social media practices


Ph.D., Kent State University

M.B.A., Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management

B.A., Ohio State University