Naeem Inayatullah

Professor, Department of Politics

Naeem Inayatullah

Naeem Inayatullah

Topics Naeem Inayatullah can discuss: ideas that explain global wealth and poverty; origins of the 3rd world; history of colonialism; effects of capitalism and globalism on third world cultures; 3rd world novels; 3rd world music; jazz, West African, Afro-Cuban, and South Asian music; the Ward Churchill controversy; the ill effects of humanitarian aid; critical, student-centered methods of teaching; Soviet and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Pakistan; and popular science fiction films. He can discuss the gap between how the rest of the world perceives the US and how the US perceives itself; why people of the third world seem furious at the West; how the US can better understand third world peoples; and how to imagine a productive engagement between the West and the rest. Naeem Inayatullah teaches courses on international relations theory; global political economy; the politics of literature, film, and music; global religious fundamentalism; and on Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.

Research Focus

  • Third World wealth, poverty, colonialism, music and literature
  • Theory of international relations
  • Global political economy and development
  • History of economic thought
  • Culture and identity in international political economy
  • Politics of pedagogy


University of Denver
Ph.D., Graduate School of International Studies, 1988
Thesis: “Labor and Division of Labor: Conceptual Ambiguities in Political Economy.”

Michigan State University
M.S., Department of Agricultural Economics, 1979

Michigan State University
B.S.S. Multidisciplinary Program in Social Science, 1977