Academic Policies for Nondegree Students

Review a few of the key academic policies and procedures that apply to extramural students. Please note that extramural students have the responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the policies and procedures printed in the current Ithaca College catalogs.

Academic Standards

Extramural students must meet the same academic standards as degree students. Students enrolled at the undergraduate level must maintain a 2.0 (C) average, and students at the graduate level must maintain a 3.0 (B) average. All dismissals from the extramural program are at the discretion of the Office of Extended Studies.


Auditing is a way for you to attend classes without receiving college credit. The notation "AU" will appear on your transcript. Since no credit is earned, the course cannot be transferred to another college. You may audit a class if space is available and the instructor gives permission. The Roy H. Park School of Communications requires that you obtain departmental approval to audit lab or production courses. Summer and winter session courses may not be audited, although graduate-level music workshops may be taken during the summer on a noncredit basis at a reduced rate.

College Catalogs

Consult the undergraduate and graduate catalogs for policies not stated in this announcement. Extramural students have the responsibility to read, understand, and abide by the policies and procedures printed in the current Ithaca College catalogs.

Drops and Withdrawals

If your schedule or obligations change after registration, you may wish to drop or withdraw from a course. Please make sure to understand the difference between withdrawing and dropping.

To Drop a Course - The deadline for winter/summer drops is sometimes the first day of classes. Since winter/summer session courses are run in a condensed, three-week format, the add/drop dates are very early. Students must complete the Registrar’s process for dropping courses if they want to drop at the end of the first day. Please understand that withdrawing is NOT the same as dropping.

To Withdraw from a Course - Fall/Spring students should use the "Withdraw from a Fall/Spring Course" form on the Student Forms page on the Registrar's site.

To Withdraw from a Course - Winter/Summer students should use the "Withdraw from a Summer/Winter Course" form on the Student Forms page on the Registrar's site.

Remember: withdrawing is not the same as dropping.

Note the deadlines listed in the fall, spring, winter, and summer academic calendars.

Enrollment Limits and Transfer of Credits

As an nondegree student you may accumulate more than 18 credits only if you do not wish to participate in a degree program at Ithaca College; you must then sign a statement to that effect. No more than 12 graduate credits taken on an nondegree basis may be applied to a graduate degree at Ithaca College.

Credits earned on an nondegree basis may be transferred to an Ithaca College degree program, although this transfer is not guaranteed. All transfers of credits are subject to approval by the appropriate dean. If you wish to enter an undergraduate or graduate degree program, you must apply through the Office of Admission.

Normally, extramural students register for only one or two courses per semester. If you intend to register for more than two courses, you must schedule an appointment with the programs director in the Office of Extended Studies for approval of your course load. You will be advised of additional approvals where necessary.

Health Form for Physical Education Courses

At the first class meeting of physical education courses, all students must sign a form that details the responsibilities of students in physical activity courses.

Immunization/Vaccination Requirements

Note: Hammond Health Center will reach out to you individually should you need to complete any health forms, based on taking six or more credits.


COVID-19 vaccination is required for all students attending classes at Ithaca College, unless granted an exemption due to medical/disability or sincerely held religious belief.


Under New York State regulations any student registered for six credits or more per semester must present proof of immunization for measles, mumps, and rubella. Forms are available from the Office of Extended Studies before and during registration and should be returned to the Office of Extended Studies within two weeks of your registration. If you were born after January 1, 1957, your immunization form must be filled out and certified by a physician or other authorized individual.

In addition, Ithaca College requires that all students receive the vaccination against COVID-19 disease, unless approved for a medical or religious exemption. 

Meningitis Immunization Information

New York State Public Health law section 2167 requires that colleges and universities distribute information about meningococcal meningitis disease to all students enrolled for six or more credit hours per semester. At the time of registration you will be given an information sheet about meningitis and asked to sign a meningococcal meningitis response form.


Some courses have prerequisites. Check the current undergraduate or graduate catalog for course descriptions and prerequisites. A mathematics placement examination is generally required for students who wish to enroll in a mathematics course. Contact the mathematics department at 607-274-3107.

Likewise, students who wish to take a course offered by the writing department should plan to take the writing placement exam. Contact the department at 607-274-3138 to arrange for the exam.

Enrollment in graduate courses as an extramural student requires permission from the graduate chair.

Active high school students need to provide a letter from their high school guidance counselor which gives permission for the student to enroll in Ithaca College courses.


All extramural students are required to abide by Ithaca College policies and procedures. 
View the Student Conduct Code.

Suspension, Dismissal, Withdrawal, Leave

Students who are suspended, dismissed, have withdrawn, or are on leave of absence from any school at Ithaca College are not eligible to register as extramural students.


Official transcripts are ordered online using HomerConnect. There is no cost for transcripts. Unofficial transcripts can be printed from HomerConnect at any time.

Alumni of Ithaca College should visit this page for additional information.

With approval, credit for courses taken as an extramural student may be applied to a degree program at Ithaca College or transferred to another institution.

Online Course Restrictions

Due to state licensing of online education, we cannot accept online extramural students residing in Massachusetts while the online course is in session.


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