General Information about Archival Record Storage

The Office of General Services handles the storage and disposition of archival records for the College's administrative and academic departments. The purpose of archival record storage is to ensure that essential College records are retained for legal or historical purposes according to the retention guidelines adopted by Ithaca College. Archive storage space is limited; therefore, campus departments should not store any non-essential and/or duplicate documents in the archives. Offices are strongly encouraged to convert (scan) hard copy records into digital format. This eliminates the need for physical storage space, provides security of back-up files, and allows offices 24/7 access to their own historical records.

Departments or staff members who have questions about record retention should first consult the Record Retention and Disposition Policy section of the Ithaca College Policy Manual for complete details. They should also familiarize themselves with the Record Retention Schedule.

If you have further questions or need additional assistance, please email or call 4-3156.


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