Spend Authorizations

The Expense module in IC Finance Cloud will use Spend Authorizations as an approval process for all credit card activity and out-of-pocket spending. These authorizations will eliminate the need for the Travel Authorization currently found in IC Workflow. They are used to gather much of the same information and will allow us to contain the entire travel process within our financial platform rather than relying on external forms. We have adopted the term Spend Authorization, as these approvals will be required for any spending using Travel Cards or Purchasing Cards. Spend Authorizations will also be required for any out-of-pocket expenses.

The approval chain for Spend Authorizations will be determined automatically and will follow a supervisor hierarchy. Users will no longer enter these approval chains manually. As is true of our current authorization form, Spend Authorizations over $2,000.00 will be routed to the appropriate area VP for approval.


All receipts for credit card purchases will be digitally imaged. Receipt images will be uploaded by using a scanner or by taking pictures of receipts when using IC Finance Cloud on a mobile device. Users will have the ability to add notes in the system for each transaction. Once imaged, physical copies of receipts will no longer need to be maintained. The policy of requiring a receipt for reimbursement on out-of-pocket travel purchases over $30.00 will remain in place. However, because IC Finance Cloud will account for this automatically, a separate worksheet for purchases $30.00 and under on an Expense Report will no longer be required. As current policy dictates, Purchasing Card transactions will still require a receipt regardless of dollar amount.

Expense Reports

Because IC Finance Cloud will allow us to complete Expense Reports within the Expense module, we will no longer use the existing Expense Report form, and we will no longer need to have printed materials signed and sent to Travel Services. Approvals for Expense Reports will be handled online within the new system and will be routed based on the Cost Center Manager for the department code that is charged. All attachments currently sent as hard copies will be imaged and attached to these reports digitally. Travelers will be able to track the approval status of both Expense Reports and Spend Authorizations.

Credit card transactions will be populated into the Expense module automatically and will need to be assigned by the cardholder or a delegate to the Expense Report. Any out-of-pocket expense items will need to be entered manually. All reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses must be made using this process, as Employees will not be listed as suppliers in the Procurement module.

New Travel Partner

Due to system requirements in IC Finance Cloud, we will be working with a new travel partner, Collegiate Travel Planners (CTP). End users will book air travel and hotel accommodations through CTP. Use of CTP will be mandatory when making these reservations. For more information, please visit the Travel Services website: