Preparing your paper records for archival storage

  1. Using the the Record Retention and Disposition Policy and the Record Retention Schedule, determine which records should be archived and how long these files must be kept.
  2. Assign the destruction dates and box numbers using your own department's numbering system. Keep an accurate record of your archived box numbers, destruction dates, and the contents of each box.
  3. Remove ALL hanging folders and all plastic (non-paper) folders, binders, etc. (staples and paper clips are okay) from the archive storage box. Archive boxes should contain paper and manila folders only.
  4. Create your box labels using the Archive Box Label Template found below.
  5. Affix label to the front of your box using clear shipping tape.
  6. Complete the New Record Storage form.

Questions? Contact Cheryl Boyer at 4-3220.

file-outline Archive Box Label Template - archive-box-labels-blank-mar22.docx (22.33 KB)

Use this template to label your boxes properly.