Perform preventive and routine tasks for all buildings, equipment, electrical substation, transformers, street lights, traffic lights, as well as respond to over 10,000 service requests per year. We also provide electrical, mechanical, structural, HVAC/R and other technical support/installations for over 200 special events per year. Respond quickly to the emergency maintenance and repair needs of the campus community. Provide, update and maintain floor plans, prints and designs for all buildings. Supply drawings/floor plans for a number of special events. Assist as required for snow removal and other special projects.

Asset Essentials (Work Order Submission)

Policy on Use of Space Heaters

Guidelines for Maintenance Charges


Marc Passalugo, Supervisor of Mechanics - Electrical
(607) 274-3230

Russ Thayer, Supervisor of Mechanics - HVAC
(607) 274-1226

Tommy Griswold, Supervisor of Mechanics - Plumbing
(607) 274-1640

Mike Wainwright, Supervisor of Mechanics - Structural
(607) 274-1228