Many factors affect the timing of an office move. In general:

Three to six months in advance:

  • Departments should identify an individual responsible for coordinating the move
  • That individual should notify the Office of Facilities and IT of the office relocation by using the Office Move Form
  • After notification, Facilities and IT will jointly meet with the department coordinator to plan the logistics of the move and identify move date(s)
  • The department coordinator will notify colleagues affected by the move of the projected move date(s)

One to three months in advance:

  • Department coordinator distributes move instructions to colleagues
  • Department coordinator requests storage boxes from Facilities

Two to four weeks in advance:

  • Department coordinator meets with Facilities and IT to finalize logistics
  • Move date(s) is confirmed
  • Department staff cleans out offices and recycles/disposes of unnecessary equipment

One to seven days in advance:

  • Staff box office supplies
  • Staff label and (if appropriate) box equipment
  • Staff label shelves, pictures, etc.
  • Staff disposes of/recycles unnecessary supplies and equipment - see OSCAR website for more information
  • Individual staff members update Parnassus records with new building information
  • Department coordinator meets with Facilities and IT and does final walk-through prior to move

Day of move

  • Facilities moves and sets up labeled office supplies
  • IT moves and sets up labeled computer equipment
  • Staff member finishes setting up office

Up to one week after move:

  • Department coordinator works with Facilities and IT to identify any issues related to the move
  • Individuals submit maintenance work order requests related to move
  • Facilities does final cleaning of emptied space
  • Department Coordinator works with  IT Technology Renewal Coordinator to update technology asset location information