Committee for College-Wide Requirements (CCR)

Fall 2019, CCR meetings will be Thursday, 11:00-11:50 AM in BUS 114.

The Committee for College-wide Requirements (CCR) has responsibility for proposed College-wide requirements (e.g., a general education requirement or more simply a writing requirement or diversity requirement that would apply to all students) and curricular issues related to such a requirement, and for reviewing courses that do not have a home within a single school or division (e.g., current IC2 courses, permanent ICSM courses, etc.).

Submission Deadlines

Please submit all proposals to

  • Fall Designations: April 1st
  • Winter Session Designations: October 15th 
  • Spring Designations: November 1st 

Spring 2020 course proposals must be submitted by November 1st. 

2019-2020 Committee Members


James Morton, Assistant Professor
School of Business

David Gondek, Associate Professor
School of Humanities and Sciences


Baruch Whitehead, Associate Professor
School of Music

Brooks Miner, Assistant Professor
At Large Member, School of Humanities and Sciences

Cathy Crane. Associate Professor
Roy H. Park School of Communications

Deborah Wuest, Professor
School of Health Sciences and Human Performance

Fatima Hajjat, Assistant Professor
At Large Member, School of Business

Susan Adams-Delaney, Associate Professor & ICC Director
Ex Officio Member

*Click here for a full listing of ICC Designation subcommittee members

Support Staff: Angela Ellis, Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center 

ICC Transfer Credit Petitions

The following petitions may be completed by students who wish to use coursework credit from other institutions within the United States to fulfill requirements of the ICC.

The following petitions may be completed by students who wish to use study abroad coursework to fulfill the requirements of the ICC.

Designation Process

file-outline Summary of CCR Review Processes - ccrreviewprocess.pdf (88.51 KB)
file-outline CCR Flowchart - CCRflowchart.pdf (78.84 KB)
file-outline ICC Designation Removal - ICC_removedesig.docx (25.54 KB)

Amending the ICC

file-outline Amending the ICC - Procedure_ICCAmend.pdf (90.48 KB)
file-outline Proposal for Amending the ICC - Proposal_ICCAmend.docx (27.2 KB)