4.0 General Statement

As approved by the Ithaca College Board of Trustees 2/20/2014.

The College shapes its faculty personnel policies within the framework of its mission and corollary goals. Policies concerning recruiting, retaining, evaluating, and promoting faculty members within the College will be governed by principles found in the stated mission and goals.

The College requires highly motivated, thoroughly prepared faculty members committed to maintaining a stable, purposeful community. The entire College community, therefore, sustains the body of faculty members and supports their professional development.

This Volume IV of the Ithaca College Policy Manual contains the approved policies and procedures of the College that concern the terms and conditions of faculty employment. As such, it is part of the rules and regulation of the College. The provisions of the Faculty Handbook (including the amendment procedure) are not intended to supersede or alter the authority of the Ithaca College Board of Trustees or its bylaws. The provisions of this Volume IV will remain in effect until changed by the procedures contained in section  4.17. Any misapplication, misinterpretation, or violation of specific provisions in this Volume IV of the Ithaca College Policy Manual is subject to provisions of the grievance procedure, section  4.16.

The administrative or staff responsibilities of faculty members with administrative or staff appointments are specified in the individual contracts of such faculty members. All faculty appointments have as the locus of their appointment the applicable planning unit within the school stated in their letter of appointment. Dual appointments to different academic units may be granted a faculty member. In such a case, the provost & vice president for academic affairs in consultation with the faculty member and any applicable deans will select one academic unit as the faculty member's primary academic unit for the purpose of this Volume IV of this Ithaca College Policy Manual (e.g., governance, evaluation, promotion, tenure, and separation). In the case of a dual appointment, the non-primary academic unit shall be represented in evaluative decisions (e.g., evaluation, promotion, tenure, and separation).

4.0.1 Board Policy on Faculty Governance and Employment

The faculty of Ithaca College shall be governed for employment by the applicable provisions of the Ithaca College Policy Manual and, in particular, this Volume IV as approved by the Ithaca College Board of Trustees.

Last Updated: February 26, 2014