4.6 Workload

4.6 Workload
4.6.1 Academic Workload

Currently, a full faculty workload at the College consists of teaching, scholarship/professional activity, service, academic advising, and other responsibilities or activities as determined by the planning unit/department. The allocation of workload between teaching and other activities varies among the faculty. Faculty may arrange for formal reassignment of a portion of their teaching loads to activities such as curriculum and pedagogical development; scholarship and professional activity; academic advising; and leadership positions in department, planning unit, school, or College governance. Under no circumstances is a faculty member to be assigned more than the equivalent of 24 credit hours of teaching per academic year (including time reassigned to other activities) without consent of the faculty member and payment for an overload. Overload compensation for full-time faculty will be paid at the per-credit-hour (or the equivalent) salary level established for temporary part-time positions.

4.6.2 Office Hours

Approved by the Ithaca College Board of Trustees: February 13, 2013

When classes are in session and during examination periods, each faculty member will post regularly scheduled office hours, during which time the faculty member must be in the office or other appropriate campus location and available for student consultations. The number of office hours should be equal to at least one (1) hour for each three (3) credits taught; with a maximum requirement of three (3) hours a week. Faculty will submit office hours each semester to the planning unit chair. In addition, the faculty member must make themselves available for consultation at other times for students who cannot be seen during the regularly scheduled office hours and/or students who are completing online or other credit bearing experiences off campus. Faculty may need to schedule additional office hours during registration advising periods so that the faculty member's advisees can see the faculty member in a timely manner.