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Posted by Diane Gayeski at 9:36AM   |  2 comments

Since this is the time of the year when people typically challenge themselves to levels of health, happiness, and success in the new year, I guess the same can be said of the Park School.

We're going to get out and move to become healthier.  While the Park School's in great shape, a little exercise never hurt anybody. In our case, we're reaching out from our beautiful twin ivory towers this year.  We're holding the first two Roundtables in Media Innovation, aimed at providing our alums with ways to keep on top of their game and to network with each other.  The first is in LA Feb 3-4 and is on new transmedia platforms and formats. The second is March 24-25 in DC on intellectual property and licensing concerns in this global and digital economy.

You can find out more and register here.

Helping me to promote our presence in the industry is Andy Orgel, our new Assistant to the Dean for Industry Relations.

We're going to "pay it forward" by doing more to mentor our students academically and professionally  Nurturing young talent is what the Park School is all about.  And we do it well.  We're going to do it even better, though.  We've expanded the role of Eloise Greene beyond just internships to be the Director of Professional Development. Right now, she's matching up seniors and alumni mentors.  On Jan 19, we welcome a new member to the Dean's office: Bryan Roberts is our new Assistant Dean for Student Services and his TOTAL focus is on providing our students with help navigating their academic requirements.  

We're going to think globally.  It's obvious that we're in a global economy, and most of our students will be finding work that spans countries and continents.  More than ever, students are studying abroad, and we help to raise social consciousness with our annual Regie Simmons award that sends two students each summer to Operation Crossroads Africa.  This April 7-9, we'll hold our 2nd annual Media for Social Change mini-course that brings together alums and students to develop creative ideas for using the media to foster positive global action. This year's theme is global health and nutrition and it will be kicked off by our annual Jessica Savitch speaker, Dr. Nancy Snydermann (Chief Medical Correspondent for NBC)

So what are YOUR resolutions -- personally and professionally??



Thanks for a wonderful posting on the exciting new directions for the Park School.

Here's my Park School resolution for the new year: that besides careers, connections and jobs, we renew our commitment to critical, analytical, abstract thinking and writing; expand our engagement with bodies of knowledge critical, historical, analytical, discipline-based; and foster debate, discussion and dialogue about aesthetics, ethics, politics, and dilemnas of our media histories and our media futures.

What a coincidence... To follow up Prof Zimmermann's comment, I just left a wonderful breakfast meeting with a successful exec VP of development at a film company in LA who graduated from IC in the mid 90s. He said the most important courses he took were in cinema studies (and said that Prof Zimmermann's courses were the toughest but most worthwhile in his professional and personal development).

It's not enough to learn how to make media and make contacts-- we need to develop our analytical and writing tools and have a deep appreciation for literature and theory in order to live productive and interesting lives.

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