My Semester in SoCal

My Semester in SoCal

The lowdown on classes, internships, and my adventures in the ICLA Program by Colleen Wormsley '13

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What a weekend. It's such an awesome feeling knowing that you're just a few miles away from Hollywood's biggest event of the year.

Yesterday afternoon we had an ICLA Oscars party in the Oakwoods clubhouse complete with food, a big screen TV, and Oscars trivia. Although we weren't actually at The Kodak Theater like ICLA Program Director Steve Tropiano and Pendleton Chair Steve Ginsberg, we still had fun and enjoyed the show. 

My favorite Oscar moment was definitely Octavia Spencer's win for Best Supporting Actress in "The Help" and I was ecstatic when I got to see her hours after her big win at a live taping of Good Morning America at the El Capitan Theater. A few of us left at 1:30 a.m. to go to the taping and even though our eyes were fighting to stay open, it was definitely worth it.

Robin Roberts and Lara Spencer hosted the show and I was impressed with how well they managed to keep up their energy without sleeping at all after the Oscars. In addition to Octavia Spencer, we were also joined by Waldorf and Statler from "The Muppets" who in my opinion, delivered better jokes than Billy Crystal did during the Oscars. 

In case you missed Good Morning America, you can watch it here. In the last 10 minutes of the show you might recognize a few familiar faces!

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Yesterday, my friends and I were on a mission: to ride every ride at Disneyland and California Adventure. We woke up at the crack of dawn and made it to the park as soon the gates opened and strategically planned our day to hit all of our favorite Disney attractions. Here is a list of our top 5 favorite rides from yesterday:

5. The Little Mermaid- Ariel's Undersea Adventure
Ok, probably not what you were expecting, but I couldn't resist. The Little Mermaid is my all-time favorite Disney movie and this ride brings you through Ariel's story with impressive animatronics. Plus, I couldn't help singing along to all of the songs.

4. Mickey's Fun Wheel
I had never been on a ferris wheel quite like this one. Mickey's Wheel of Fun has carts that slide back and forth inside the spokes of the ferris wheel. It's definitely more thrilling than a typical ferris wheel.

3. Soarin'
Soarin' is a simulated hang glider ride with amazing views of California. It's really cool because there are even realistic smells!

2. Space Mountain
A Disney classic, Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster that makes it feel like you're traveling through space. 

1. The Tower of Terror
As Ithaca College students it's only appropriate that our favorite ride was based off of Rod Serling's The Twilight Zone. The Tower of Terror brings you into an episode of The Twilight Zone where lightening strikes The Hollywood Tower and everyone in the tower's elevator drops unexpectedly into the Twilight Zone.

In addition to the rides, we all loved the "World of Color Show" at night. The show uses fountains and lights to recreate scenes from all of our favorite Disney movies. It was so beautiful and we loved singing along to all of our favorite Disney songs!

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Griffith Park and Staples Center

Since I spend my weekdays taking classes and working at my internship, I always make sure to do as many things as I can on the weekend and enjoy all of the great things LA has to offer. This weekend was no exception.

On Saturday, a few of my friends and I decided to go for a hike at Griffith Park. Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in North America and is home to some great hiking trails, the Griffith Observatory, and the infamous Hollywood sign. 

We began our hike searching for the "Bat Cave" as seen in the 1960s version of the TV show Batman. Thanks to Google Earth we found it pretty quickly, and after a quick photo op we decided to continue our hike and visit the Griffith Observatory. The Griffith Observatory is located on top of Mount Hollywood and has some really interesting exhibits about space and science. However, I was personally more interested in the amazing views of the city and beautiful mountains that surrounded us. 

After a long day of hiking, we stopped at our favorite California chain: Yogurtland. My friends and I have all agreed that New York wins when it comes to bagels, doughnuts, pizza, and Chinese food, but California sure knows how to do frozen yogurt. 

Later that night, we met up with other ICLA friends at the Staples Center to watch the LA Kings take on the Calgary Flames. It was definitely a lot different from the last hockey game I went to over at Cornell! Even though the Kings lost the game, it was still a lot of fun and we even got to take a group photo on the ice after the game was over. 

I'm sure next weekend will be just as exciting since I'm spending it at the happiest place on earth... Disneyland! 

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Price is Right

I have to admit, I am a huge fan of The Price is Right. Every time I was sick in elementary school, I would look forward to staying home and watching Bob Barker while enjoying a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Fortunately, yesterday I was able to enjoy The Price is Right without being sick. 

Yesterday morning a group of 25 ICLA students headed to the Price is Right with hopes of winning big. However, before you even get to the studio, there is a long process that goes into being a contestant on The Price is Right that you don't see on TV. We started our morning bright and early at 8 a.m. and headed to the CBS lot sporting our "Drew is Gorges" t-shirts. After about an hour of waiting, we were let in to the lot and filled out the necessary paperwork, received our name tags, and waited a few more hours. Next, we went through the casting interview. Every audience member meets with a casting director with a group of 12 people and you have about 15 seconds to convince the casting director to choose you to be on the show. 

One Ithaca College student, Mike Ceccolini impressed the casting director and was chosen to "come on down" and bid on some fabulous prizes. Unfortunately, he didn't make it on the stage, but it was still fun and exciting to cheer for a fellow IC student.

In between games Drew Carey talked to the contestants in the audience and gave all the ICLA students hoping to make it in the entertainment industry some advice: "Make sure you work hard at your internships and always act like it's a job, even if you're getting coffee or lunches", Carey advised. "Employers will notice the people who work hard and that's the best way to work your way up in this industry."


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