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The forecast

I’m back, I’m back. I have a few posts that’ll be put up in the next few days, but for the moment, we have a pressing issue to discuss.

It’s going to rain … for more than a day. For more than three days for that matter. And the icing on the cake? It’s going to rain on a Saturday. This is blasphemy; this is madness … this … is … Los Angeles? I guess so.

I do admit, we have all been extremely spoiled for the last six weeks, and all good things must come to and end. In all seriousness, it was just a matter of time.

But so I’ve found, there is a bright side here. According to Holly, Administrative Assistant at the Pendleton Center, it’s good to have a few days of straight rain. In the past, when LA has been on a dry spell for weeks on end, fires have popped up, thus ruining the plans of SoCal residents, and Ithaca students. So putting it in perspective, a few days of harmless rain is far from some more dangerous scenarios.

And come to think of it, there’s another bright side here. Having a rainy day during the weekend will actually force us to do something indoors. Because let’s be honest, we’d be perfectly content spending every single weekend outside.

All in all, I think it comes down to this: karma. I’ve taken plenty of low blows at our friends and family back in Ithaca having to endure freezing temperatures, snow and ice, and now it’s our turn for some bad weather. But hey, it’s no biggie. We’re still on vacation. 

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Sunset over Universal City

Despite us giving all the low blows to how amazing the weather is out here, we do care about everybody back in Ithaca.

For us Parkies, being creatures of habit and constantly checking the news, it’s hard not to miss the developing story about the blizzard that’s barreling down on the northeast.


So, on behalf of everybody here in LA, we send our well wishes to our friends and family in Ithaca and in all other parts of the country being affected by the storm.

I’ve posted a picture of an LA sunset from last week not to make you sad, but to give you a glimmer of hope that scenics like that will be making appearances in Ithaca just a few long, dark, cold months.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel better, which it probably doesn’t, the possibility of having a snow day tomorrow should!

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