Awards and Honors

Kesh Center Global Study Program and Grants
These grants support international travel for students and faculty who engage in collaborative research and media production.

Golden Doorknob Award
In this utterly unique contest, students are challenged to produce a narrative film up to five minutes in length. The other requirement? Someone must suffer death by doorknob.

David Ames Film Award
Designed to inspire creativity and recognize the talents of young scriptwriters and filmmakers. Provides funding up to $5,000 to produce the winning original script selected by a panel of faculty judges.

Reginald Simmons Memorial Award
Established by Bob Iger, IC alum and Disney president and CEO, this award allows two students each year the opportunity to participate in the Operation Crossroads Africa cross-cultural exchange program.

The Erin Marie Masling Faculty Award Stipend
A financial award given annually to a student majoring in Communication Management and Design (CMD). The student is selected by the faculty, staff and administrators of Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications. Erin's family created the award in her memory to recognize her determination to lead as normal a life as possible despite the challenges of living with cystic fibrosis. Erin attended Ithaca College and spent a semester and the college's London Center.