Media for Social Responsibility

2014: The Financial Market to the Twitter Revolution

Key Topics included:

  • Journalists’ coverage of financial markets
  • Mainstream and social media’s effects on financial markets
  • Social media’s impact on mass communications
  • Grassroots campaigns, such as Occupy Wall Street
  • Economic inequality
  • Personal finance


Key Communication Issues Discussed:

  • How effective is the media in terms of its role in informing and educating the public about the financial markets, personal finance, and economic inequalities?
  • How do mainstream media outlets and social media affect financial markets?
  • How are social media and new technologies influencing traditional media’s coverage of financial and economic news?
  • How can social media platforms/applications and campaigns best address these issues?
  • What role does a now “active” audience play in shaping conversation around these issues?

Guest Speakers (in person and via skype) included:

  • Carl Quintanilla, CNBC's Squawk on the Street Co-Anchor
  • Carol Massar, Bloomberg Television and Radio
  • Dan Gillmor, founding director of the new Knight Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship
  • David Cay Johnston, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and best-selling author
  • Alka Bramhandkar, Professor, Finance and International Business, School of Business
  • Alexa O'Brien, journalist and digital media strategist
  • Calvin Chestnut, Google Glass app developer, IC Student

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