Kati Lustyik, TV-R, Publishes in Journal of Children and Media

Kati Lustyik, assistant professor in the Department of Television-Radio, has published article in Journal of Children and Media entitled, "Media Regulation and the International Expansion of Nickelodeon."

The article, co-authored with Dr. Norma Pecora (Ohio University), was published in the 2011 Special Issue entitled, "Children's Media Policy: International Perspective."

In De-Westernizing Media Studies, Curran and Park (2000) offer a typology to examine media policies and systems. We apply their work to five disparate countries—Mexico, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, China, and Canada—and the entrance of a transnational corporation—Viacom as represented by Nickelodeon—into those countries. Since its US launch in 1979, Nickelodeon has become a dominant transnational children's media brand and our findings indicate that Nickelodeon has a growing presence in each of the five countries either through relaxed regulation or technological exploits. Based on our five case studies, we argue that while the nation state is still important in regulating the children's media environment, the policies are, as argued by Curran and Park, increasingly replaced by market control and the will of the consumer.

Originally published in Intercom: Kati Lustyik, TV-R, Publishes in Journal of Children and Media.

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