Student Participation

AAF Diversity Panel DiscussionAAF Diversity Panel Discussion
During the American Advertising Federation Thought Leadership Forum Series, students discussed multicultural advertising and a diverse workforce.

 The American Advertising Federation Thought Leadership Forum Series was held at the General Mills headquarters, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

This event brought greater awareness to the changing perspectives on diversity and multiculturalism from the viewpoint of the next generation of consumers and advertising/marketing professionals. The day included a simulcast of a national expert panel discussion at the General Mills headquarters and will broadcast to participating satellite locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, New York, Los Angeles and Washington D.C. Afterwards, executive roundtable discussions with local advertising/marketing/media leaders and a youth panel conversation with AAF college students was held at each of the satellite locations.

AAF cordially invited students of all majors to participate, as panelists at one of the satellite locations, in the youth panel conversation regarding "How Millennials View Diversity and Multiculturalism" that was in conjunction with this General Mills Thought Leadership Forum Series. Students were asked to share their views regarding what was said during the executive panel discussion as well as their general views about multicultural advertising and the impact of a diverse workforce. 

The following Ithaca College students participated in the panel:

Diana Cui, IMC major

Ivannah Flores, TVR major, Video Production concentration, IMC minor

Tracy Rivas, Legal Studies major, IMC minor


"It was refreshing to hear people speak so candidly about diversity. The panel really opened up the floor to everyone to express their ideas of what diversity meant and how it should be handled. It's hard to find another forum where people were encouraged to voice their opinion. I learned so much from my fellow panelists; it was liberating to speak on behalf of multiculutural millennials."  -Diana Cui

“As part of the millennial generation panel, we expressed our viewpoints on what we believed diversity to be. It was a thought-provoking and intellectual discussion with a number of students around the nation. I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot from my fellow peers and from the national expert panel as well.”  -Tracy Rivas